About Claire’s Art

Claire Louise Taylor is an inspirational, global & self-taught artist who has been creating energy art and uses her art to help others heal through shifting energy blocks with distance or ceremonial healing. Creating and selling many paintings globally. Claire discovered through trauma healing that the power of art held a depth and level of self-expression like no other that she had experienced herself through her own healing journey.

A defining moment for Claire was when she started to doodle through mantra and create and express the energy that was pouring out of her onto paper first and then onto canvas.

Claire became aware that the intention and energy poured into every layer of her artwork was even more powerful than the painting itself, and that each layer brought about yet another layer of change, energy and healing.

Claire knew that this intention and energy work through art could literally reach and touch hearts and remove blockages as it did for her through intuiting where others are at any moment.

Claire has been on a soul searching mission since a life changing brain trauma where she travelled the world and learned from yoga teachers, healers, shamans, mystics, and the earth and universe learning about her own power and energy and how she could channel this to create beautiful art that lifts the souls of the person it is intended for.

During lockdown she created Spirit Junkie Goddess as a way of giving back to loving souls to let them know that they are cared for with creations and her art expanded with her energy and passion for love and light and walking and living the beauty way.

If you want to reach out to Claire please use the contact details below