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About me 🌸

About Spirit Junkie Goddess

Claire Louise aka Spirit Junkie Goddess and her daughter created Spirit Junkie Goddess as a way to help people pay it forward and let others know that they are always in someone’s thoughts during lockdown. A side hussle, a passion to build a portfolio career beyond the corporate walls that Claire has worked in for many years.

This soon became something of a passion for them both, with Claire’s young daughter really getting involved in the end to end process of creating, designing and marketing the creations.

Claire herself is a well known inclusive leader, board member and now a managing partner who works across all things organisational effectiveness and people transformation. Known for her energetic approach Claire is often seen wandering bare foot around a corporate office and has fondly been nick named the corporate hippy for years.

A proud mother who loves to doodle & make magical candles on a hill in Derbyshire looking over the rolling hills, with some fascinating art work that is installed in many a clients home, office and art gallery.

Claire has two passsions

Art and creating & Helping People Shine

She enables people to cut through the bullsh@t to achieve everything that they can be, whether that’s an individual leader, someone starting out or a corporation of hundreds of thousands of people.

Her Energy art connects with essence of the person it’s intended for, helps to shift energy blocks through layers and layers of creating until a beautiful painting is mastered and sealed with Reiki.

All paintings, cards and candles are infused with reiki energy, hand made to order and lovingly packaged.

All candles are all lovingly hand poured with 100% Cocosoy Wax and blended with 100% Essential Oils, using double wooden wicks and gift boxed.

Let me tap into your energy and create your master piece

Commissions & Creations

Living the life you deserve

The Corporate Hippy

Some of my biggest bug outs having worked in the corporate world most of my career (which by the way has been so enriching in the knowledge and learning) are what the basics are to get you set up for success and leading yourself and others with integrity and authenticity.

As someone who’s sat on the board, hired talent into some of the biggest companies I can share what the hiring managers are really looking for to help you elevate whilst not loosing your identity in the shadows.

The Corporate Hippy Learning Pod Series will help with:

  • How to navigate the politics and behaviours and shine like the actual star that you are
  • Getting the basics right
  • Leading yourself and others
  • Creating your own magic bag of rich tools to draw upon
  • Staying Authentic and how to be the real YOU

These are just some of the things the corporate hippy will be sharing with bite size learning modules, quizzes, reusable templates.

Our Best Sellers

Commission Energy Art with Claire

Come and take a look around the on line Art Gallery to see what Claire has been creating and commissioned.

Energy art connects to the person that the art is created for, moving blocked energy through the chakras and healed with Reiki. Each piece is unique and such a special experience where Claire cacoons the sole experience with ceremony.

Art Gallery

Manifest the Magic in You

It’s super important to me to know that you are all cared for and looking after yourselves during this time  and it just feels right to share what I’ve learnt along the way and as things start to unfold for me with Spirit Junkie Goddess minus my corporate shield

Want to know how to unlock your truest and highest potential, manifesting and visioning your soul purpose following easy to follow steps to support your journey with Spirit Junkie Goddess is the first step to understanding your baseline.

Get to know the real you and unlock your true magic and shine your light into the world 💕


Part 1 Looking back to leap forward 

Part 2 Manifest the Magic in you series is the planner, the spirit manifesto to stay vibing high, how to create morning magic through to monthly manifestations

Part 3 is being birthed already with supporting soul cards coming later in the year   

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This bundle of loveliness arrived yesterday from my friend Claire. Lovely products... candle infused with love and lots of other special, healing things including healing crystals and plant / herbal extracts. And some yummy tea (this blend made up for ladies of a particular age, like me!) - all hand made and 100% natural. And she’s designed some lovely cards

Maria from Essex

Oh Claire I love them even more in the flesh. I showed them my husband and his first words were “Oh wow!”. Thank you for the extra gifts you are very generous! BIG LOVE ❤️ and light being sent your way via the cosmos beautiful being

Vicky from Nottingham

I love this so much, I can’t stop looking at it, it reminds me of the the last night of al my retreats, you haven’t even been to one yet and you’ve visualised it - Circle of Women Original Painting 

Liz from Cromford

Claire totally encapsulated a feeling of magic and vibrancy into my painting that I love. She has an amazing gift of intuition and healing that speaks through her artwork, she intuitively knew which chakra to centre on that was personal to me. So much more than just a painting 

Nikki from Surrey

Black Magic Gift Boxed Candle - Oh Claire, it's just beautiful! I love the cute little charms and yes the feathers in there!! Smells a bit of cacao to... cant wait to light it! Beautiful packaging and lovely card, such a great touch. Thank you my love. 💜💗💙

Elaine from Derby
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  • Oh My Goddess Gift Range
  • Gift Box Range

  • Even the ribbon is made of wood pulp
  • We love Mother Earth

  • All packaging is recycled and biodegrade-able

Come and take a look

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Even the ribbon is made of wood pulp Learn more

We love Mother Earth

All packaging is recycled and biodegrade-able Gift Packing Options