Our Story

About Spirit Junkie Goddess

Claire Louise and her 14 year old daughter Lauren Rose created Spirit Junkie Goddess as a way to help people pay it forward and let others know that they are always in someone’s thoughts.

This soon became something of a passion for them both, with Lauren Rose really getting involved in the end to end process of creating, designing and marketing the creations and creating a small family legacy where customers can feel the family touch in the products and ethics. 

Claire herself is a people and organisational transformation leader & proud mother who loves to doodle & make magical candles with Lauren on a hill in Derbyshire looking over the rolling hills, with some fascinating art work that is installed in many a clients home, office who also leads organisational development and humanistic leadership programs in the business world 💖

Lauren is her inspirational 14 year old daughter, who breaths light into everything that Spirit Junkie Goddess does. 

Energy art connects with the essence of the person it’s intended for, helps to shift energy blocks through layers and layers of creating until a beautiful painting is mastered and sealed with Reiki.

All paintings, cards and candles are infused with reiki energy, hand made to order and lovingly packaged.

All candles are all lovingly hand poured with 100% Cocosoy Wax and blended with 100% Essential Oils, using double wooden wicks and gift boxed.